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. With its establishment in 1994, Kermikon company made service and reliability its motto

Yaakov, the company's technical man, a chemical engineer, has been working in the ceramics industry for 40 years

Yaakov was the technologist of Negev Ceramics and also a consultant to ceramic factories in Israel and around the world

Keramicon worked to promote the industry in the field of low temperatures with a selection of glazes and colors

Kermicon represents the following companies in Israel

. Colorovia - manufacturer of spectacular clays, engobes and glazes from Montelupo Florence Italy

. Georg Schneider - German Creaton clay manufacturer for all temperatures and a variety of colors

. Scott - the leading stove manufacturer in the USA

Nidak Shimpu - the world's leading manufacturer of stones and rollers from Japan and the USA

. Spectrum - Canadian manufacturer of glazes and paints for all temperatures and in a variety of colors

. Aardvark - American manufacturer of high temperature clays including Black Mountain and the famous Coleman porcelain

. Navratram - manufacturer of the highest quality front and top opening ovens in the world from Germany

. Bailey - the manufacturer of the high-quality winders and extruders from the USA

. Terra Color - manufacturer of powder and liquid glazes from Germany

. Ger - manufacturer of bisque glazes and colors from the USA

. Calcodcor - manufacturer of spectacular decals from Spain

WASP3D - 3D printer manufacturer from Italy

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