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Glazing workshop for beginners with Michal Koren  

A three-session introductory workshop, for amateur ceramicists at the beginning of their independent journey, who want to start making glazes by themselves at a high temperature. 
During the lessons we will get to know the basic concepts for assembling glazes and what are the methods to enrich the colors in the studio, even without in-depth technological knowledge. 
The workshop includes practical work, materials, fires, a personal workbook with summaries and recipes.
A special addition...a practical lesson on dipping, spreading and layered decoration methods.


What's in the workshop?
First session: What is glazing? Knowledge of basic concepts in glazing and the preparation of glossy and matte glazes.
Second meeting: analysis of the results of the burnt experiments and preparation of colored glazes.
Third meeting: analysis of the results of the burnt attempts. Applying glazes by dipping or applying, what is the difference between them and decoration methods.


When and where is the workshop?
Thursday mornings, on dateswill be published , hours 10:00-14:00.

The meetings at Keramicon Kfar Malal.


How many participants?
The workshop in a personal atmosphere - limited to 5 participants - hurry up to register, places are limited.


Is prior knowledge necessary?

No prior knowledge is required.


how much does it cost?
1200 NIS for 3 lessons including materials and fires.


Can I pay in installments?
Yes. Up to 3 payments without interest.


About the teacher:Michal Koren is known among ceramicists as a first-rate technologist, a profession she learned from her father Yehuda Koren.

Michal is professional, talented and has vast technical and practical knowledge.In addition, she established a successful forum on Facebook that deals with advice and tips on the many topics related to ceramic work: "thinking like an alchemist". Michal also exhibits in renowned galleries in Israel and around the world.



May June glazing workshop for beginners with Michal Koren

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