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An oven that is the top:

A 45-liter oven made by Navartherm Germany -

The giant company for domestic and industrial ovens of the best quality in Europe.

Maximum burning height º1320

Has a normal socket connection

High-quality Kantel spirals - made in Sweden - Kantel A+.

Light bricks: the best up to 1430 degrees - do not crumble. The light and high-quality bricks keep the fire clean.

Internal system without ceramic fibers.

A new and highly sophisticated original German controller.

The my nabertherm application for viewing the oven remotely is included in the price

The controller is as sophisticated as a tablet

Includes a USB connection to the oven and the computer so that the history of the programs can be saved.

A comprehensive monitor that shows current consumption in kilowatts, possibility to call programs by name. Very easy operation.

Type S platinum-rhodium thermocouple is designed for very high fires.

Has a sophisticated ventilation system - including a small chimney. Built-in and strong wheels.

The highest quality relay on the market.

Lid lock control system - option to add a lock. Abrasion-free sealing for the lid.

Unique design made of high-quality metal - brushed stainless steel.

Insulation includes a ceramic blanket and a thick wall.

Ventilation also at the bottom of the oven.

Has a standard audited by the European GS institute and has a CE standard and the Israeli standards institute for spirals.

Interior dimensions: diameter 41, height 34.

External dimensions: diameter 58, height 76.

Volume: 45 liters.

Electricity: 2.9 kW single phase. Normal plug - ecological.

Own weight: 62 kg.

Warranty: 3 years.

TOP45 - 45 liters

₪14,500.00 Regular Price
₪14,000.00Sale Price
Pre-order for delivery October 23
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