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White color - 3 kilo roll

Instructions for working with caramel: 
1. Knead the material well, before starting the design of the piece. 
2. Prepare the piece. If the preparation is prolonged, it is useful to wet your fingertips from time to time, to maintain the flexibility of the material. 

3. put to dry = harden in the air. The drying time varies according to the thickness of the piece and also depends on the weather. Small works can dry within an hour. The drying time for thick and/or large works can reach 7-20 days and even more.

4. harden the creation in a home oven: heat the oven in advance to 170ºC. put the piece in the oven. 
Leave for 30 minutes and make sure the temperature is not less than 150ºC and not more than 200ºC throughout the hardening time.

5. If you want to paint the piece, it is preferable to paint after hardening in the oven. As a rule, the recommended colors are acrylic colors, but other colors can also be suitable. However, since there is a huge variety of colors, it is useful to first test the behavior of the color on a small sample.

6. The caramel that is not taken for use, must be wrapped in plastic and tightly closed. This way the material will be preserved for a long time.

Clay caramel for burning in a home oven

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