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A 15 liter glass oven made by Scott USA - the number 1 company in the USA for top opening ovens.

door holderA special shutter for burning beads.

Maximum burning height º1000

High-quality Kantel spirals - KantelA+.

Beeforiginal quintessential husband 5 programs and up to 8 steps per program.

ThermocoupleGift with any oven.

The lid locking system - Microswitch as required by the Standards Institute.

husbandstandard CE and the Israeli Standards Institutefor spirals.

Face dimensions:Opening 25, depth 23.

volume:23 liters.

electrical power:1.7 kW single phase

Self weight: 50 kg.

Warranty: 2 years

Includes a shelf kit, columns and shelf plaster.

Including transport, assembly and training.


GM-10F - 15 lit

VAT Included
Out of Stock
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